The Icelandic Government Settled Lawsuit Brought by Pregnant Asylum Seeker Forcibly Removed from Iceland

In 2019 the Icelandic government forcibly removed our client from Iceland which resulted in public outrage and extensive discussion. Our client is a young Albanian mom who was at the time of her removal 36 weeks pregnant. The government’s assessment of the legality of the removal was based on a fit to fly certificate, issued by their own general physician and head of the Department on Infectious Diseases. The authorities ignored a second certificate issued by an obstetrician and gynecologist at The University Hospital, Landspitali, stating that our client was not fit to fly or travel for a lengthy period.

Our client was forced to fly in inhumane conditions for approximately 20 hours and was hospitalized upon arrival in her home country. Her life and that of her unborn child were put at risk.

Claudia & Partners filed a complaint with the Directorate of Health stating that the general physician hired by the immigration authorities violated several provisions of the Act on Health Care Practitioners, the Act on Patient’s Rights, Doctors’ Code of Ethics when he issued the fit to fly certificate.

In 2021 the Directorate of Health found in favor of our client that the GP violated the aforementioned Acts. Following this, our client sought compensation from the Icelandic government which accepted liability in the matter.

Our client was compensated for non-pecuniary damages, in particular mental anguish and suffering.

The case was the subject of widespread media coverage and public outcry.