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Are you a victim of human rights violations, including discrimination?

Safeguarding human rights is among our core practice areas. We have extensive experience in assisting clients, both individuals and companies to navigate this important area of law. 

With an increasingly diverse population, Iceland is confronted with new challenges concerning anti-discrimination in various forms and spheres of society. We assist individuals who have been subject to discrimination based on their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, and other social statuses in the course of their employment, providing or receiving services.

How we can help you

For Individuals

  • We provide consultation and advise clients on their rights and legal options, including compensation
  • We file complaints with the relevant administrative bodies, including the Equality Complaints Committee
  • We file discrimination lawsuits before the Icelandic courts
For Companies
  • We perform necessary due diligence and develop appropriate compliance mechanism
  • We advise on regulatory shortcomings and litigation risks
  • We assist with designing internal and external human rights policies
  • We assist with the implementation of the UN Global Compact Principles including drafting Communication on Progress reports
  • We assist with setting sustainable development goals and drafting related company policy
  • We host diversity and inclusion business strategy seminars

Are you suspected or charged with a crime?

Everyone is equal before the law and is innocent until proven guilty.

CPLS provides aggressive legal representation against criminal charges.

With our experience and knowledge, we bring dedication to every case and apply maximum pressure both at the investigation phase and in the courtroom.

We rigorously pursue the rights of those wrongly arrested or subjected to unlawful use of force by the police, including any right to compensation.

How we can help

  • We provide representation to suspects of criminal acts
  • We provide representation to our clients if arrested, interrogated, at arraignments, during other court appearances and the main hearing
  • We explain evidence and charges and create a sound defense strategy
  • We seek compensation in the event of unlawful arrests or use of force by the police

Are you a victim of a crime?

CPLS provides representation for victims of crimes. We file claims for compensation during the investigation phase and where appropriate to the State Treasury pursuant to Act 69/1995 on compensation to victims of criminal offenses.

  • CPLS represents your interests during the criminal proceedings, monitors developments in the case and keeps you informed
  • We provide guidance about your legal situation and options
  • We accompany you to interviews with the police
  • Where appropriate, we attend trial with you or on your behalf
  • We seek compensation on your behalf

Have you been declared bankrupt or considering bankruptcy?

CPLS has extensive knowledge and experience in bankruptcy and insolvency law.

Claudia has been appointed as trustee by the District Courts on numerous occasions to dissolve insolvent companies forced into bankruptcy, with operations ranging from minimal to complex. 

CPLS also advises and assists insolvent individuals and companies initiating bankruptcy proceedings. 

CPLS also assists creditors to file claims with a bankrupt estate promptly and where appropriate to the Wage Guarantee Fund for remuneration.

How we can help

  • We act within our capacity as the trustee to safeguard the interest of the bankrupt estate for the benefit of its creditors
  • We file claims with the bankrupt estate within the time limit
  • We file claims to Wage Guarantee Fund for employee’s remuneration within the time limit

Do you know your inheritance rights?

CPLS assists clients with the smooth disposition of properties under Icelandic inheritance law. We offer advisory service and/or representation to heirs to ensure that the disposition of estates will be handled appropriately and under applicable laws.

How we can help you

  • CPLS assists clients with safeguarding their assets
  • We assist clients with the drafting of wills
  • CPLS assist heirs in handling the preparation of the required documents
  • We assist clients with the observation of relevant deadlines in relation to inheritance cases
  • We assist clients with identifying rights and filing documents with relevant institutions, such as from the pension fund, insurance company, trade union, etc
  • We handle communication with relevant public authorities 

Planning to get married?

At CPLS we provide individualized and sensitive pre-marital legal assistance to couples prior to marriage. Our lawyers have experience in assisting both native and intercultural couples who choose Iceland as their wedding location and/or future home.

A couple who wishes to marry and ensure the marriage has legal effect in Iceland must obtain a marriage license from the District Commissioner and register the marriage with the National Registry. We assist clients where complications arise before or during the application process.

How we can help you

  • We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice on marriage law in Iceland including about their rights and obligations
  • We assist with document collection and submission to District Commissioners’ Office
  • We assist our clients with preparing pre-nuptial agreements

Are you seeking or planning to seek separation or divorce?

CPLS provides information and advice on how to safeguard your rights in the event of a separation or divorce.

Where there is no dispute about seeking a divorce, parties may submit a divorce petition to the District Commissioner’s Office, (icel. Sýslumaður), along with a financial separation agreement and custody agreement if minor children are involved. In the event of a dispute, the couple must seek a divorce by way of a court decision.

Where there is no infraction, such as abuse or infidelity, the District Commissioner will grant a legal separation for six months. Where both parties agree that there has been abuse or infidelity in the marriage, a final divorce decree will be issued at the first appointment with the District Commissioner, provided other necessary documents are submitted.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in this area of law, including in a cross-border context. We have assisted numerous clients in navigating this complex and often highly emotionally charged process.

How we can help you

  • CPLS provides comprehensive advice to clients contemplating divorce or have started divorce proceedings
  • We assist clients to prepare the necessary documents for the divorce proceeding at the District Commissioner’s Office, including financial separation agreement and custody and visitation agreements
  • We assist clients with mandatory mediation meetings where minor children are involved
  • We communicate and work with law firms and governments in international jurisdictions where divorce is cross-border
  • We represent our clients before the courts if the matter cannot be completed at the District Commissioner’s office

Have you or your family been subject to child protective measures?

CPLS assists parents and children subject to child protective measures, including cases relating to support measures, coercive measures, and voluntary or involuntary placements outside the home.

Children subject to protective measures by the Child Protection Authorities are entitled to legal assistance paid for by the Icelandic state.

Our focus is what is in the best interest of the child(ren) as well as ensuring that Child Protection Authorities based their decisions on 

How we can help

  • We provide representation and advice to parents and/or children subject to child protective measures on how to best protect themselves and their children
  • We keep you informed on all stages of the process
  • We communicate with child protection agents/committees, social workers, and other stakeholders
  • We represent you during court proceedings

Want to start a business in Iceland?

CPLS has exceptional expertise in providing durable solutions for small businesses and start-up companies. We assist clients with bringing their business ideas to life and provide legal assistance tailored to their specific needs. 

Starting a business in a new country can be challenging. We’ve assisted countless clients from across the globe to establish innovative businesses and start-ups in Iceland and advised them on associated rights and obligations.

How we can help

  • CPLS advises clients on the appropriate company form to establish to match their business ideas/ start-up projects
  • We assist with the registration process and engagement with the Registry of Companies
  • Where required we assist with applications for relevant licenses
  • We provide legal advice and support for companies including regulatory compliance 
  • We assist with reviewing, drafting, and negotiating miscellaneous contracts 

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