Janet’s Deportation Order Cancelled- Asylum Case to be Examined in Iceland

Last December Kjarninn interviewed our client Janet [not her real name], whose application for examination of her asylum claim was rejected by the Icelandic government with reference to the Dublin Regulation. Janet, a single mother of west African origin, a victim of severe domestic violence, and human trafficking sought international protection in Iceland more than a year ago.

Last month Claudia & Partners filed for the second time a case with the Immigration Appeals Board that Janet’s case should be re-opened and re-examined on the basis that her transfer to the country designated as responsible by the Icelandic government did not occur within the six-month statutory time limit.

According to Article 29 of the Dublin Regulation, “where the transfer does not take place within the six months’ time limit, the Member State responsible shall be relieved of its obligations to take charge or to take back the person concerned and responsibility shall then be transferred to the requesting Member State.”

We are very pleased with this outcome for Janet and her minor daughter.